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#TomsTips: Wind = Break – For Shots From Any Distance 760 507 Tom Watson
#TomsTips: Wind = Break – For Shots From Any Distance

  I won my first major at The British Open at Carnoustie, in windy conditions, in 1975. It reminded me that when dealing with a crosswind, you should think of the…

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#TomsTips: Practice the Shots You Need 760 508 Tom Watson
#TomsTips: Practice the Shots You Need

I did, and it helped me win the 1982 U.S. Open. Do you practice the shots you know you’ll face on your home course? When I went into the 1982…

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#TomsTips: Chip or Putt? 760 508 Tom Watson
#TomsTips: Chip or Putt?

What you should do from off the green. The 1977 British Open at Turnberry, where Jack Nicklaus and I went head-to-head the final two rounds, is a favorite memory. Jack…

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#TomsTips: Learn From Your Past 760 508 Tom Watson
#TomsTips: Learn From Your Past

Think back to how other decisions played out. I like the par 3s at Royal Aberdeen in Scotland, where I won my second Senior British Open, in 2005. They play…

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#TomsTips: Steady Your Head 760 508 Tom Watson
#TomsTips: Steady Your Head

This thought will help your arms swing freely. I was tied with Jack Nicklaus for the lead on the 16th hole on Sunday in the 1977 Masters and was so…

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