• April 8, 2016

Tom Watson’s Final Masters Appearance

Tom Watson’s Final Masters Appearance

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Facing final Masters, Watson feeling joy

Golf Channel – By John Feinstein – April 5, 2016

“Tom Watson insists he isn’t thinking about it. He says he’s much too focused on trying to play well and make the cut in his final Masters to have given any thought to the emotions he’s going to feel when he walks up the 18th fairway at Augusta National for the final time.”


Tom Watson Bids Farewell to Augusta at His Final Masters

GOLF.com – By Michael Bamberger – April 8, 2016

“Tom Watson was not meant for these times. You’re not going to see him ordering a kale shake at an airport Jamba Juice anytime soon. He was never an innovator. His whole thing was tried-and-true. That’s how he got good, that’s how he got great, and that’s how he went out, Friday afternoon at Augusta: driver through the chute on 18, 3-wood to the back edge, 67-foot birdie putt with 20 feet of borrow, watching the thing rollout, five seconds turning into 10, with one foot crossed over the other, a golfing posture on mostly closely associates with Bobby Jones, who invented the tournament way back when. He damn near holed it out.”



Golf Digest – By E. Michael Johnson – April 8, 2016

“Tom Watson’s time as a competitor at the Masters came to an end Friday, but unlike Ben Crenshaw’s final walk a year ago, Watson’s last lap around Augusta National was more than merely ceremonial.”


Tom Watson’s farewell moment as thoughtful as his career

CBS Sports – By Chip Patterson – April 8, 2016

“Tom Watson finished his final round at the Masters on Friday. The legend received plenty of cheers on his way out.”


Tom Watson leaves a final Masters tribute to his caddie who died of ALS

SB Nation – By Trevor Reaske – April 7, 2016

“In his last Masters, Tom Watson pays tribute to his longtime caddie on the 12th anniversary of his death.”


A grinder to the end, Tom Watson eschews emotion in saying bye to Masters

Chicago Tribune – By Dan Wiederer – April 8, 2016

“If you were expecting a waterfall of tears, the dam never broke.

If you were thinking Tom Watson would spend his 134th and final round at the Masters exuding emotion and becoming engrossed in deep reflection, you’ve miscalculated how he’s wired.”


Watson sheds tear in his goodbye at Augusta

PGATOUR.COM – By Mike McAllister – April 8, 2016

“Tom Watson told us he wouldn’t cry. He told us his last call at Augusta National would mirror his final round at St. Andrews nine months ago, when he crossed the Swilcan Bridge and waved to the adoring Scots, revealing nothing but that famous gap-toothed grin.”