IBM is the preeminent Cognitive solutions and Cloud platform provider in the world. Over its 104+ year history, the company has always transformed and led the way for its clients and businesses across all industries worldwide. IBM is leading the reordering of the technology industry, helping clients to transform their enterprises, recognizing that “digital” itself is not the destination, but a foundation to create truly Cognitive Enterprises that drive new interactions between people, organizations, and machines. 

In 2016, Tom Watson has partnered with IBM to help bring visibility and leadership to this next era of computing – Cognitive computing. Mr. Watson also happens to share a name with the founder of IBM – Thomas Watson as well as IBM’s Cognitive system “Watson” which competed on “Jeopardy! – The IBM Challenge” in 2011. Now “Watson” is the foundation for IBM’s Cognitive systems that are transforming enterprises around the world including sports organizations like Wimbledon, the US Open, and The Masters.

IBM is proud to partner with Tom – and excited to bring Cognitive solutions to sports organizations, world class athletes, and businesses across industries of all types globally.

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